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Professional technology, standardized management, practical attitude, and excellent serviceFocus on the processing of mold parts for mobile phones, automobiles, and consumer electronics connectors

6 reasons to choose a cost-effective product

Xu Hong Precision

Six core strengths
  • Experienced technical talent

    The company's technical backbone has decades of experience in the processing of mold parts in Japan and Taiwan, ....
  • High quality raw materials

    We use high-quality suppliers such as Yishengbai, Hitachi, Dingfeng Rijia and Simu, which are well-known brands, to strive for ...‬
  • Continuous and stable product quality

    Optimize the design process, improve production efficiency, reduce your cost, and ensure that the quality meets customer ...
  • Advanced production equipment

    Continuously introduce high-end imported processing equipment to improve production performance, and provide customers with...
  • Short processing cycle

    With CNC, EDM, WEM, surface grinder and other complete mold processing equipment; ‬ professional hardware mold parts technology and quality control team; is the qualified guarantee of finished products factory;
  • Delivery on time

    From the customer's order, raw material procurement, scheduling production, shipping inspection and selection of distribution methods, etc., carefully plan, carefully plan, delivery within the production cycle, zero delay

Development + design + productionSpecializing in the manufacture of tiny ultra-precision connector mold parts

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Shenzhen Xu Hong Precision Mould Co., Ltd.

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